Nokian Powerproof summer tyre introduced for Central European market

Nokian Powerproof summer tyre introduced for Central European marketFinnish tyre producer Nokian Tyres introduces its Nokian Powerproof, a new generation of summer tyres for the Central European market. The Nokian Powerproof belongs in the top tier of passenger car tyres: the UHP category. Its extensive size selection comprises 51 products from 17 to 20 inches, with speed ratings of W (270 km/h) and Y (300 km/h). The new products will be available to consumers in the spring of 2019.

It features the Dual Zone Safety concept developed by Nokian Tyres to ensure that the contact surface of the Nokian Powerproof remains precise and exact, on rain-slick motorways and sun-scorched boulevards alike. The F1 World Champion Mika Häkkinen also contributed his expertise to the testing of this premium product with excellent handling characteristics.

The new, strong structure ensures the durability of this summer tyre which is designed for fast driving. The Tyre Performance Mark from the independent TÜV SÜD testing organisation communicates versatile and comprehensive performance.

The varying summer conditions and different road surfaces in Europe are challenging to drivers. Temperature variations of over 40 degrees centigrade between the cold spring days and the midsummer heat, coupled with sudden thunderstorms, call for tyres that are able to adapt to different driving conditions.

According to Nokian Tyres’s consumer survey, European drivers especially value good wet grip and driving stability in their summer tyres. Owners of sporty vehicles especially look for safety under extreme conditions.

The development of the Nokian Powerproof spanned over four years, and special attention was paid to safe, controlled handling even at high speeds. The stylish appearance of this premium product exudes sharp, functional Scandinavian design.

The unique Dual Zone Safety concept ensures balanced road contact for the new Nokian Powerproof. The tyre grips as well as adapts to surface roughness, and immediately reacts to steering especially on wet and dry roads, which is an absolute requirement for safety during sudden evasions, for example, says Jarno Röytiö, Development Manager at Nokian Tyres.

In the Dual Zone Safety concept, the Power Zone on the tyre’s outer shoulder ensures precise handling. The firm tread blocks coupled with the Slope Groove Design that can withstand high lateral forces by means of its sloped groove edges deliver precise handling on dry asphalt even at high speeds.

The tyre tread developed for demanding use and higher speeds consists of several different rubber compounds. In the unique Dynamic Grip rubber compound, the functional molecule chains and polymers form a dense, flexible mesh-like structure that ensures better grip and durability than in the previous tyre generation. The multi-layered tread structure also reduces rolling resistance, allowing the new Nokian Powerproof to roll lightly while saving fuel.
The new tread pattern and structure allowed us to create a contact pattern for the tyre that provides logical and predictable road feel and quick steering feedback in both rain and shine. The contact is steadier and more dynamic than before, which means excellent grip and even better durability on high-speed motorways and poorly maintained alpine routes alike, Development Manager Röytiö explains.

Field testing under real road conditions took place in Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal and Finland. The durability of the new product was fine-tuned on the basis of a tough test programme under the hot Spanish sun. High speed test tracks in Germany and Spain were used to refine the characteristics for extreme conditions at high speeds.

The hemispherical indentations, reminiscent of a golf ball pattern, on the walls of the longitudinal ribs provide additional driving comfort. The Silent Groove Design innovation reduces the interior noise and external rolling noise of the vehicle. The bead area uses a new Clinch rubber compound that improves comfort and fuel efficiency, making the tyre roll silently and smoothly. (Press Release)