Marangoni debuts Blackline MIX202 for demanding on/off segment

Italy’s Marangoni Retreading Systems recently introduced the all-season Blackline MIX202, an innovative addition to its RINGTREAD “MIX” family, designed for use on the drive axle of vehicles that require high mileagein mixed road/quarry applications.

The new BlacklineMIX202 features an open-shoulder design, large transverse blocks and an innovative ornamental sipe with a central hole on the shoulder for perfect cooling of the block during service, thus ensuring a longer casing and tread life. The pattern geometry and the wide opening shoulders also promote good self-cleaning properties and low risk of tearing.

The tyre’s tread depth of 22mm and a custom tread pattern, which includes transverse tread  blocks and reinforcing bridges, permits high resistance to impacts/chafing and allows for greater stability on soft ground, such as muddy terrain. In addition, as the MIX202 has a non-directional profile, it has a reduced risk of incorrect fitting and greater flexibility.

Blackline MIX202 will be available for the retreading of 315/70R22.5 and 315/80R22.5 tyres, as stated by the company.