Lanxess: motorists to enjoy high ROI


The Technical University of Munich in its recent study has found out the the low-rolling resistance and high quality tyres, also known as green tyres, are excellent. Motorists using these tyres will receive the benefits from using the tyres faster than the hybrid drives, start-stop systems and others as these tyres can lower the fuel consumption and lower additional costs. According to the study, utilizing green tyres from Lanxess, motorists will receive additional Euros invested for every CO2 reduction.




“The TU Munich study confirms that green tires offer motorists numerous benefits for little financial outlay,” says Werner Breuers, member of the LANXESS AG Board of Management. “Beginning next week, consumers will be able to use the new EU label to identify at the time of purchase whether they are buying high-performance tires. Our innovative rubbers play a key role in this, making low-rolling resistance, fuel-efficient tires possible.”




The study from the TU Munich shows that a motorist using green tyres can save up to 100 Euros annually if he consumes 6 litres per 100 kilometres a year with a distance of 12,500 kilometres. The study also shows that motorists will get paid back with the money they have invested buying the green tyres as it can already pay for its self after 20,000 kilometres on average.




The recently launched app of the Specialty chemicals group Lanxess can also attest to the study. The app will show the amount of money that motorists can save from using green tyres as well as the cuts in CO2 emissions.




The benefits of using the green tyres are not only for the motorists to enjoy, but also for the company has it has received a higher return on investment after launching the “green tyres”. (RJA)