Kumho releases new belt technology in Australia


Kumho, leading tyre manufacturer launches its new tyre designed and engineered to withstand the Australian roads and weather conditions.



The company has re-engineered its Solus KH17 design using the reverse belt technology to acquire tyres with better thread perfect for the Australian streets.



Mr. Ki Young Kim, Managing Director of Kumho Tyres Australia said that the reverse belt Solus KH17 was developed specially for Australian roads and weather conditions.



“The majority of our tyre range has been designed with a global outlook where most cars drive on the right hand side of the road,” said Mr Kim.



“We set out with the reverse belt Solus KH17 to create a tyres that handles and rides better given the difference in road crown and the way a car tracks in our unique conditions down under , where driving on the left hand side of the road presents unique challenges,” he said.



He added that the technology enables the tyres to have factors which can make a car to pull to one side which can decrease the negative effects of a vehicle pull and that Kumho is an important player in the Australian manufacturing industry. (RJA)