Desma India reaches 2,000 machine-milestone

German rubber machinery maker Desma’s Indian subsidiary has claimed success having delivered 2,000 injection moulding machines to date. The 2,000th injection moulding machine was recently delivered to Suja Shoei Industries in Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu state, which also has a joint venture with Japanese company Shoei Cooperation. 

The 2,000th machine was one of the five vertical machines of the Sigma 250 series installed at the same time. Suja Showi is a manufacturer of rubber O rings, rubber oil seals and rubber gaskets. The products produced on the Desma machines are exported to more than 20 different countries.

Desma has been established on the Indian market with its own production plant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, since 1995, with over 100 employees.

Desma India reaches 2,000 machine-milestone

It offers a wide range of machines from 250kN – 7,000kN clamping force for various applications. With an in-house mould and cold runner block manufacturing capabilities, complete turnkey project solution, process automation as per the requirement are supplied from one source and made in India.

The wide range of machines also covers special applications, such as special machines for the production of e.g. bladders for the tyre industry up to large machines for the production of battery seals for electric mobility. In addition to machines and moulds, engineering services for process development are also offered. In constant exchange with the main plant in Germany, current trends and developments are quickly made available for the Indian market, it adds.

Desma adds that the Indian market has developed “very dynamically in the last two decades into a very important supplier market for the global automotive industry”.

In addition to the globally active international groups, new globally active Indian producers have emerged from this rapid development, which in the meantime have their own production sites all over the world.