Desma inaguarates new facility in China


This year is a special one, because Desma is not only celebrating the 50th corporate anniversary but also the inauguration of a new and larger facility at the gates of Shanghai. Around 150 visitors participated in the opening festivities at the production location in Wuxi. With that, Desma proves once again that the machine manufacturer from Fridingen is on the right track. The response among the attendees was unanimous: „Desma tackles things without further ado.“

Desma Rubber Injection Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. was founded in the year 2007. It started from scratch and has grown to its present size, overcoming all kinds of challenges that have come in its way during these 8 years. With the growth of our company, management made several strategic decisions, which included, to relocate to a new facility, to increase R&D investment, to rapidly expand the domestic market, and to provide better service to the domestic customers. At the end of May, 2015, the new facility, which covers a total area of 10,500 square meters, puts into use. It consists of office area of 1,000 square meters, warehouse area of 1,500 square meters, production area of 5,100 square meter, exterior parking and greenery area of 2,900 square meters. Its output is 200 % more than the original.

In the new factory celebration, Desma released a new product Epsilon 200. As an entry-level equipment, it is mainly used in the automotive industry, is suitable for shock absorption, seal and oil seal products, and also with excellent performance of the machine. It can help the customers to win their competitive advantage with its high cost-effectiveness

Desma Rubber Injection Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. will continue to persist in core values of integrity, responsibility, service, quality and dedication, committing 100% performance in product developments and services to the customers. With unity, innovation and diligence, they strive for a diversified and magnified success for the company and their clients.