Demand for green tyres to buoy up high dispersible silica markets says report

The tyre industry continues to fuel demand for high-dispersible silica market, poised to reach US$ 1.8 billion by end of 2027,  according to a new report by Transparency Market Research. High-dispersible silica is a form of precipitated silica,  an active high-performance ingredient of rubber compounds. Energy-efficient tyres, also called green tyres are anticipated to boost the High-dispersible silica market as demand picks up.   The requirement for reducing the energy consumed by tyres is a key aspect in reducing the carbon footprint of automobiles.

Green tyres, and increasing manufacturing in response to latest environmental and tyre labeling regulations in the auto sector; as well as new rubber product applications are seen as new avenues of opportunity for the high-dispersible silica market.  However, the report said that uptake for  green tyres , especially in developing nations is still low.

Nevertheless, the role of these energy-efficient tyres in the transportation sector is being gradually appreciated in several nations around the world. Players are also looking for a low-cost and sustainable supply of raw materials so that they can reduce the final cost of high-dispersible silica for the tyre industry. In this regard, rice husk ash (RHA) is showing huge promise to producers of the silica. They are abundantly available and offer high yield, making them attractive for market players.

Meanwhile, the rise in research and developments activities carried out by the tyre industry for reinforcement applications has also been boosting the market prospects; as well, advances in the chemistries in the precipitation of silica has also expanded the application avenue in the high dispersible silica market.

In the transportation sector, intensifying efforts in developing sustainable mobility has spurred the demand for high-performance tires for vehicles, thereby also boosting demand in the market. Companies in the high dispersible silica market, according to the report, are keen on expanding their production capacities to meet the rise in demand coming from the tyre and rubber industries.