DEH welcomes tyre solution


The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) says it welcomes local business efforts to take away the millions of tossed tyres at the George Town landfill.

Dr. Maysson Sallam says government will likely have to issue a new tender if it decides to go that route. This, after those behind the proposed Ironwood Development in Frank Sound say they want to use the tyres as fill on their golf course.

Dr. Sallam says steps have to be taken before they can let Ironwood have the tyres.

“I believe to do that we would probably have to issue a tender and they would have to be factors and parameters in that tender. Probably, supporting local businesses could be a parameter there that is in the best interest of the businesses. But it has to be with transparency and it has to be environmentally sound,” she said.

At the moment there is a tender out for a business to take the tyres off island. This is the fourth time a tender has been issued.

Source: Cayman 27
Published: 30 Jan 2014