Continental’s new tool can do sustainability check on tyres

Continental’s new tool can do sustainability check on tyres

As the automotive industry is reducing its carbon emissions, with a target set for 2030, German automotive parts manufacturer Continental has just added an innovative CO2 and fuel consumption calculator to its online offering. This new tool is designed to let fleet operators calculate exactly how much they will save in terms of emissions by choosing the right Continental tyres for their specific applications.

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With this tool, customers are offered a comprehensive, practice-oriented package that informs them in detail about the EU Regulation and its impact on the haulage industry. Development of the new calculator, which rounds out the existing microsite, was based on the VECTO method of calculation. The VECTO (Vehicle Energy Consumption calculation) is a new simulation tool developed by the European Commission and shall be used for determining carbon emissions and fuel consumption from heavy-duty vehicles (trucks, buses, and coaches) weighing above 3500kg.

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On the microsite, users will discover how VECTO works and learn about the impact of rolling resistance on fuel consumption and the associated costs.

The calculator works with the customer inputting relevant information such as the mission profile of each vehicle. The calculator uses the information to work out how much fuel the vehicle will consume with each specific type of tyre and shows the different fuel consumption figures for each tire line dependent on the application. Meanwhile, the Tire Finder platform helps fleet managers choose the right tyres for their long-haul or regional distribution operations.