Chinese firm launches world’s first 3D printer for thermoplastic rubber

Chinese firm launches world's first 3D printer for thermoplastic rubber launched

Shenzhen, China-headquartered Atomstack, an intelligent manufacturing company specialising in 3D printing and laser engraving applications,  has launched what it says is the world’s first 3D printer for thermoplastic rubber (TPR) filament. Cambrian, a desktop FDM 3D printer is a creative tool capable of producing virtually any end-use rubber product as well as handling traditional 3D printing tasks, according to Atomstack.

The Atomstack Cambrian enables users to print in TPR, and thus allows users to create varied affordable and high-quality end-use rubber products such as shoes, lattices, sporting goods, medical devices, prototypes, and more. Cambrian achieves this by using a swappable extruder design,  including one extruder for traditional filaments and one specially designed extruder for TPR. The new compact 3D printer has an all-metal framework of anodised aluminium alloy with a specially designed patterned glass hotbed platform that improves printing quality by keeping the extruded filament warm to prevent warping. It also features a 4.3″ touchscreen LCD,  easy-to-use control panel, to allow users to precisely control the temperature of the hotbed and extruder, set printing parameters, and see print previews.