Calgon Carbon acquires US firm Sprint’s carbon business

Calgon Carbon acquires US firm Sprint’s carbon businessJapan’s Kuraray Co says that its US subsidiary, Calgon Carbon Corporation, has acquired the industrial reactivated carbon business of Sprint Environmental Services, which was set up in 2017.

The business transfer will be done by the end of June 2024. In addition, this transfer is not expected to have a material impact on Kuraray’s consolidated performance. Terms were not disclosed.

In 2018, Kuraray acquired Calgon Carbon, the world’s largest activated carbon manufacturer, and now has a wide range of activated carbon offerings, such as bituminous coal-based, wood-based, coconut-based, and reactivation services. As a total solution provider in water and air purification, it says it is expanding its activated carbon business.

In the activated carbon business, significant growth is expected in industrial reactivated carbon market in the US. Thus, to expand its market share, production capacity increase is essential. Currently, Calgon Carbon’s industrial reactivated carbon production facilities are concentrated in the eastern US, but with this acquisition, it will be able to acquire an important strategic base in the Gulf of Mexico region which can also cover the Midwest region.

After the acquisition, it is looking to expand reactivated carbon facilities not only for industrial applications, but also for drinking water at various sites including this one.

It adds that significant growth in demand is expected due to tightening of PFAS regulation in the US and Calgon Carbon is studying significant capacity increases as well as pursuing contractual commitments with important customers.