Cabot launches latest fumed silica for LSR applications

cabotCABOT Corporation has launched CAB-O-SIL CLARUS 3160 fumed silica, a new hydrophilic product for liquid silicone rubber (LSR) applications.

According to Cabot, the new fumed silica is designed to improve performance in clear silicone rubber by providing a high level of reinforcement without sacrificing transparency, and with minimal discoloration due to aging.

CLARUS 3160 fulfills the performance requirements of high-end transparent LSR applications such as consumer products, medical and lighting. Cabot developed CLARUS 3160 fumed silica to address regional demand in Asia-Pacific for a high performance additive, specifically targeting compounders that prefer high surface area fumed silica.

The high structure and surface area, nominally 400 m2/g, can deliver up to a 10% improvement in transmission, leading to greater clarity, and up to a 30% reduction in yellowing upon aging when compared to lower surface area, e.g. 300 m2/g, alternatives typically used in this application.

“CLARUS 3160 fumed silica was developed specifically to satisfy demand from LSR compounders in the Asia-Pacific region, which continues to be the fastest-growing and one of the largest markets for silicone elastomers globally,” said Ben Dupnik, global segment manager for Silicone Elastomers.

CLARUS 3160 fumed silica is characterised by a high degree of cleanliness and consistency, resulting from continuous improvement and investment in the manufacturing process. Low contaminant and grit levels lead to improved optical properties, and consistent particle attributes deliver formulation stability and sustained product performance for compounders.