Bridgestone India expands chain of concept stores

Bridgestone India expands chain of concept stores

Tyre maker Bridgestone India, part of the Bridgestone group, has launched six walk-through educative tyre stores that help customer make an informed choice on tyre purchase and related services. With this launch, Bridgestone says it has moved a step forward on its aim to digitise its dealership stores. The first of these stores was launched in Pune in 2021. Based on a digital platform the new Bridgestone Select+ stores feature digital led experience in choosing tyres, understanding various tyres and their relevance to the consumers’ driving needs. Tyre consultation is no longer limited to taking the best guess on tyre price, but helps consumer identify the most suitable choice depending on car tyre and driving conditions.

Tyres being the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road, play a crucial role in the overall safety of the driver. Bridgestone is therefore, committed to enabling customers have a safer on road experience.

These stores in New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Bangalore, Kolhapur, Hyderabad and Chennai, address long felt need of customers to have a better understanding of tyre selection and it’s maintenance. The process is enabled through an interactive digital kiosk where customers can pick between an array of choices offered by Bridgestone. The store also offers demonstrations to customer to understand the impact that each of the tyre services provides and helps customers get the best out of their tyre.

“Bridgestone is making headways in the mobility space globally. In India, the Select Plus store is a unique and educative concept that allows us to enhance the retail experience and engage with our customers. Tyres being the only contact between the vehicle and road, play an important part in fulfilling different needs for an enjoyable and safe driving experience. Through this store, we want to enable customers to make a well-informed choice best suited to their requirements. This will also help our dealers to have more walk-in customers via this differentiated in store experience.” said Parag Satpute, Managing Director, Bridgestone India.

The host of services that will be available at Bridgestone Select+ stores include Tyre advice and information on Bridgestone range of tyre products. Tyre selection consultation through a digital tyre selection desk, demonstration and understanding of tyre services. Their successful tyre services and service packages – Alignment, Balancing, Nitrogen, Rotation etc will continue to be available along with the touch and feel experience of various tyre patterns available from Bridgestone.