Bridgestone and Quality Motors agree

tyre-makerOne of the world’s leading tyre maker, Bridgestone has signed an agreement with Quality Motors Group of Tanzania for the latter to distribute the rumoured new technology Off the Road Radial tyres of the company to various industries.

Mr. Yujiro Kanahara, the Chief Executive Officer of Bridgestone South Africa OTR tyres said that the company is focusing on marketing the product in the port as well as in mining and construction sectors.

Mr Arijit Dutta, Chief Executive Officer of The Quality Group Limited has confirmed that he has signed the agreement to distribute Bridgestone’s OTR tyres in their country. But he said that this can lead to Tanzania becoming a launching hub for other countries in South Africa.

“Bridgestone holds the largest market share of 15.5 per cent in the world today. Bridgestone OTR is the world’s leading brand and has the capability to manufacture the entire range of tyres including the world’s largest tyre of 63 inch rim size. They’re coming, we expect, will help users cut operation costs by 30 per cent,” he said.

He also added that the OTR tyres will be used to carry heavy loads of materials used in the quarries, mining, port and construction operations. He also said the OTR tyres are highly dependable tyres that are appropriate to their needs.

“It forms a kind of guarantee that Bridgestone customers are served by audited tyre specialists with the expertise and equipment to provide the best advice and after-sales support to optimise the performance and life of Bridgestone OTR tyres,” he said.

“So far, Tanzania customers are using Bias-OTR tyres, which are old technology. Bridgestone OTR tyres are radial tyres with new technology and would save up to 30 per cent of their cost in their business with the highest safety of workers on site and less pollution,” he said.

Dutta also pledged that the country’s construction and mining industry will turn more cost-efficient.