BKT trials OTR tyre production in new facility

BKT trials OTR tyre production in new facility

Indian tyre maker BKT has announced the start of trial production at a new facility in Waluj, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, following an investment of US$65 million.

Spanning an area of 22 acres, BKT’s latest plant is situated 5 km from an existing BKT plant, also in Waluj. Around 500 employees will work at the facility where small and medium diameter tyres will be manufactured, designed for fitment to machinery working in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

With an estimated production capacity of 30,000 tonnes/year of off-highway tyres (OTR), the facility will aid BKT by increasing its production figures and rate of efficiency.

The foundation stone for the site was laid in June 2019, with construction continuing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Growth is our commitment [and] looking ahead is our constant goal,” said BKT President/CEO Arvind Poddar.