BFGoodrich enters off-road accessories segment with Remington Industries

BFGoodrichMichelin’s BFGoodrich Tires brand is entering the off-road automotive accessories category in a new partnership with automotive accessories manufacturer Remington Industries.

The Ooltewah, Tennessee-based manufacturer will produce automotive floor protection and interior accessories under the BFGoodrich Tires brand name, offering the first significant extension of the brand into new product categories.

Currently, Remington Industries already carries product licenses for Michelin and Rubbermaid automotive accessories. However, the new BFGoodrich Tires accessories line will be specifically geared toward off-road and outdoor applications.

“BFGoodrich Tires carries incredible brand equity within the off-roading community and the automotive industry at large,” said Tom Norwell, president of international sales and business development, Remington Industries.

The companies will debut the BFGoodrich Tires floor protection products at the 2016 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas in the USat the Remington Industries booth.

The floor mats will be made available in stories in 2017. The companies also said that a line of interior accessories is in design for production next year as well.

Last year, Remington Industries moved the production of its injection moulded automotive accessories back to the US from Taiwan, opening a plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but it has yet to determine whether it will make the branded products in its China, Taiwan or US plants.

Remington Industries offers a line of Michelin automotive floor protection which includes the custom-fit Michelin Edge Liner programme for trucks, the trimmable, semi-custom Michelin EdgeLiner Trace programne, and a selection of universal-fit mats. A wide variety of Michelin products will also be featured at the Remington Industries AAPEX booth.

The BFGoodrich Tire company and name was purchased by Michelin in 1988, and continues to offer innovative, high-quality highway, off-road and racing tyres.