Apollo Tyres offers new cross-ply lug tyre for commercial vehicles

Apollo Tyres

Tyre manufacturer Apollo Tyres Ltd. has launched a new, advanced cross-ply lug tyre, the XT-100HD for the replacement market in India. Based on popular demand from its customers and business partners, the XT-100HD offers both exceptional load-carrying capacity and mileage, contained within the most durable casing in the industry; the tyre’s performance in road tests in Andhra Pradesh has also been far superior to the key competition in this market segment.

The XT-100HD tyre is designed with a heavy-duty casing with a new high-strength nylon fabric that offers superior load-carrying capacity. The durability of the casing has also been enhanced with the new heat aging-resistant compound and tyre cavity (HEART) technology, which ensures cooler running of tyres that withstand all applications, offering the best residual casing for retreadability.

Meanwhile, the tye’s tread has been designed using the company’s in-house Modular Matrix Tread (MMT) technology, with reinforced compounds and high tread rubber mass, that delivers the highest mileage in its segment.

Commenting on the launch, Satish Sharma, APMEA President, Apollo Tyres, said, “With the introduction of the XT-100HD in the truck-bus cross-ply lug design category, we are confident of setting a new benchmark in performance in the load and mileage segment. To continue with our leadership in the commercial vehicle segment, it is important for Apollo Tyres to have such differentiating products, which is compliant with the revised axle load norms as well in India.”

The latest Apollo Tyres product will be manufactured at the Vadodara, Gujarat, facility with extensive tests on customer vehicles in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh.