Aeolus targets world’s top 10 tyre makers rank

aeolusCHINA-based Aeolus has confirmed its ambition to become one of the top 10 tyre makers in the world

General Manager Wang Feng said that their company’s goal is to even top the likes of South Korea’s Hankook Tyre Company in terms of price and quality.

“Currently we are at around the 20th position in the ranking of world tyre manufacturers; our intention is to be in the top 10 manufacturers in the world, “ he said.

Aeolus, China’s fifth largest tyre manufacturer by sales, has also announced its entry to the Southeast Asia passenger car market with the launch of a complete range of PCR tyre products at the Tyrexpo Show held in Singapore.

The new venture comes on the back of the construction of a new car tyre manufacturing plant in Jiaozuo; the 625,000 sq m factory is capable of manufacturing 6 million tyres a year.

The company’s latest introductions are segmented into ‘Standard’, ‘Comfort’, ‘Sport’, ‘SUV’ and ‘Van’ applications:
• GreenAce AG02 (‘Standard’ series) is a general PCR tyre built for overall comfort, low noise, summer usage and ultra-long mileage performance, ideal for economy cars and taxis.

• PrecisionAce AH01 (‘Comfort’ series) has been specifically designed for the limousine with its excellent combination of comfort and handling performance.

• SteeringAce AU01 (‘Sport’ series) offers ultra -high performance designed for the luxury car. A UHP tyre with asymmetrical grooves providing exceptional steering and handling ability and firm grip on wet surfaces, SteeringAce AU01 is sporty, comfortable and provides high-performance and high safety levels for sport-oriented drivers.

• UtilityAce AS02 (‘SUV’ series) has been designed with the city sports utility vehicle in mind, while the TransAce AL01 (‘Van’ series) is targeted at light trucks and offers ultra-long mileage and increased load carrying ability.

Zhang Shutian, Director of Asia and Africa Region for Aeolus noted , “The importance of high quality and safety to the car consumer in Southeast Asia will make this a key market for us in the region. Local car buyers are committed to proven brands and we expect to quickly establish a reputation for reliability and excellence in tyres here.”