Thai Gov’t unrolls 20-year masterplan for rubber sector

Thai Gov’t unrolls 20-year masterplan for rubber sectorA 20-year roadmap for the rubber sector, spanning 2017 to 2036 has been launched by the Rubber Authority of Thailand, aiming to enhance rubber processing and promotion of domestic consumption.

According to Yiam Thawarorit, acting Governor of Rubber Authority of Thailand, the implementation of the rubber strategy, which will be overseen by a committee under the Natural Rubber Policy Committee, is expected to decrease the size of rubber plantations, increase the range of rubber products as well as stimulate domestic rubber consumption and rubber exports.

For the first five years of the strategy, the focus is on finding solutions to encroachment on national parks and establishing higher rubber consumption in the public sector; the sixth to tenth year will be dedicated to developing rubber quality, research and establishment of a fund to support rubber-related activities; and from the 11th to the 20th year, development of technologies for rubber plantations, further research on new rubber products and establishment of a one-stop service for rubber will be the focus.