Bridgestone launches new lightweight tyres for improved performance

Tokyo-based tyre manufacturer Bridgestone has engineered a specialised touring tyre that redistributes and reduces product weight and tyre rolling resistance by up to 10% and 20% respectively for minimal trade-off in wear performance.

The breakthrough “Enliten” technology features a thin inner liner and shallower tread depth from its compound mix and dedicated mold design, ensuring lower fuel consumptions CO2 emissions in combustion vehicles. The technology is also adapted to electric vehicles (EVs) as the tyre’s properties extend battery life and vehicle range.

Bridgestone expects partnerships in the near future with automakers thatwill employ the new technology on vehicles slated for the European market, since European legislators have strict targets on reduced CO2 emissions on vehicles by original equipment manufacturers, something that Enliten adheres to.

Bridgestone EMEA’s CEO and President, Paolo Ferrari, thinks the Enliten development marks a significant headway for the company’s long-term environmental vision of fully-renewable and sustainable production by 2050.