Vytex NRL gets fourth US patent


Vyster has announced that its proprietary Vytex NRL has been issued a fourth US patent.


The multi-patented, all-natural raw material, which contains significantly reduced levels of non-rubber particles and proteins found in natural rubber latex, is given a patent, the fourth time around, in early December by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This recent patent will add greatly to the Company’s current intellectual property portfolio.


Vystar has previously received three US patents and four international patents for its Vytex processing, which makes use of aluminum hydroxide with natural rubber liquid latex to remove proteins and other non-rubber materials.


The recent patent is for vytex’s composition of liquid natural rubber latex with an ultra low level of antigenic proteins (3.0 microgrammes/gramme). Notable about this particular claim in the patent is that this ultra low antigenic protein level claim is not limited to the process of using aluminum hydroxide with the liquid latex. It is a pure composition of matter claim without dependence on the previously patented aluminum hydroxide process. This greatly expands the application of the Vytex patent protection and acknowledges that not only are the ultra low protein levels unique to the Vytex raw latex material product, but the improved optical properties and the cleaner, more translucent color, as compared to untreated field latex, are also unique to Vytex, and are now protected by this US patent.


William Doyle, President and CEO of Vystar said that the acceptance by the US patent office of their additional claims not only protects the company’s intellectual property but also substantiates the quality standard of their technology in treating liquid natural rubber latex, specifically. (RJA)