Thailand to buy 30b Baht worth of rubber

Nattwut-Saikuar,Nattwut Saikuar, the deputy farm minister of Thailand’s national rubber policy committee said that the committee is approving a budget of 30 billion Baht to buy rubber sheets from Thai farmers to support the price of rubber in the rubber market.

He said that the committee will be buying the rubber sheets in prices that are above its current price in the rubber market industry which may start on the first day of October to March 31, 2012. He also said that the Thai government is thinking of providing 15 billion Baht of loans to exporters of rubber to buy as much as 300,000 m tonnes of rubber.

On the other hand, the director-general of the Rubber Replanting Aid Fund has said that their aim is to assist in boosting the prices of rubber sheet in the rubber market to 100 Baht per kilo and 104 Baht per kilo if smoked.