SATRA hand-in-hand with Malaysia’s growing glove sector


Stating that the demand for rubber gloves in Europe is growing, research and technology centre SATRA also placed emphasis on the importance for Malaysian manufacturers to know the latest regulations and updates on testing and certifications to keep up with the European market. The agency’s spokesperson were speaking at the recently concluded International Rubber Gloves Conference and Exhibition (IRGCE) held in Kuala Lumpur.


The Malaysian rubber glove manufacturers association says the medical gloves sector will boost its exports from the RM9.89 billion last year, with the main export markets being the US and Europe. “We’ve come away with even more interest from manufacturers looking to develop and test their glove products at SATRA as well as customers who potentially want to set up SATRA-accredited laboratories to test products at source.” For the past five years, SATRA has been one of the testing centres that Malaysian glove manufacturers relied on and the centre expects that this year alone, its business will increase by 30%. (RJA)