Michelin boosts marketing network

tyresFrench tyre maker Michelin reached out to customers in transportation centres explaining the tangible benefits of the company’s innovative programmes, radial tyres and the widening of its marketing and service network.

The company believes that this move is highly significant as it brings up itself to the competitive and cost-conscious bus and truck tyre industry.

The company has two objectives –one is to promote the company and two is to promote the awareness of people regarding radial tyres.

A spokesperson of the company said that the company is estimating that the radialisation in the bus and the truck tyre market is about 16% today but in contrast to this, only 70% in Africa and West Asia is aware and 100% in markets that are already developed. They are expecting that by 2020, the rate in India will rise to 50% and that the company wants to be part of this progress.