Japanese: Michelin is No. 1


J.D. Power and Associates’  2012 Japan Replacement Tire Customer Satisfaction Index Study has found out that Michelin, the France-based tyre manufacturer, is the top tyre maker in Japan when it comes to customer satisfaction and fuel-efficient tyres.



The study was based on four factors which are the handling/traction of the tyres, ride/quietness, durability/reliability and appearance.



The study has found out that 35% of Japanese car owners that own replacement tyres use fuel-efficient tyre, as per tyre labelling system, which has increased to 27% since it has been effective.



“It will be difficult to get customers to focus on a tire brand for being fuel efficient if many of the tyre brands available in the market are defined as fuel-efficient tyres in the future,” said Taku Kimoto, executive director of the automotive division at J.D. Power Asia Pacific, Tokyo. “It is also important to offer tires not only with fuel efficiency, but also with a balanced combination of other features, such as ride/quietness and long-term durability, in order to meet customer needs.”



The overall satisfaction rankings found in the data show that Michelin tops in the mini-car aspect, while on the mini-van segment, it was Bridgestone. (RJA)