Guayule protected in markets

US-based guayule rubber maker Yulex has taken up patents in the US, Europe, Mexico and South Africa
to cover its commercial methods for latex and resin extraction from the desert shrub.

Yulex has patent protection throughout Europe, particularly in those regions with climates suitable for growing guayule including Greece, Cyprus, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

In general, the patents are directed to methods for cultivating, harvesting, defoliating and decorticating,
as well as chemical and mechanical extraction of a premium quality latex and resin (for example bioadhesives).
Yulex has developed a portfolio of biobased elastomers derived from the guayule plant, which is grown in the US. It says, “The materials have been developed specifically to improve physical properties over other forms
of latex. We have also developed methods that give the materials improved performance, elasticity, softness and strength.”

The company says its elastomers are designed to replace traditional tropical or petroleum-based rubber for consumer, industrial and medical markets, with the residual agricultural materials utilised as a feedstock for bioenergy. (PRA)