Goodyear: One of America’s Greenest Companies


Ohio-based company, Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company has been ranked as one of “America’s Greenest Companies” the the Newsweek magazine rankings done annually.



The magazine ranked 500 largest corporations in the US in which Goodyear has been ranked as the 74th, climbing 178 spots from rank 252 last year. Goodyear is the only company in the list that is in the tyre manufacturing industry.



The company used to focus on the enhancing sustainability and environmental performance of their products but it has eliminated manufacturing waste sent to dumps that lead to a rapid decrease of solvent usage. Since 2008, the company has not sent any of its waste to any dump in the world and as a result, they have reduced 56% of their solvent usage since 2007.



“One of Goodyear’s shared values is caring for our environment and communities. Our commitment to environmental programs and sustainability reflects what’s important to us. We are seeing the results of that commitment and are being more transparent about our sustainability goals, programs, and accomplishments.”, said Don Stanley, vice president of product quality and plant technology. ”



Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has also stated that Goodyear has improved its environment score from 17% to 81 out of 100, from 69 last year.



Newsweek ranks the corporations by different factors including transparency in reporting, green management and environmental footprint. It is considered as the most authoritative list of its kind. (RJA)