Goodyear’s Fayetteville plant to lower tyre production


American firm Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Co. is planning to lower its tyre production in its Fayetteville plant to respond to the demand of the industry.



As for the actions that the company will do to lower the production, Chris Curran, the company spokesperson said that they have not finalized the moves that they will do.



“We’re actually in discussions with the union on what exactly we would be doing,” Curran said. “Those discussions haven’t been finalized. Until we have something finalized – or, if we have finalized something with the union – then we’d be ready to say something.”



Goodyear produces 30,000 premium tyres daily, but the company has staff that can produce 38,0000 tyres according to some sources.



But, Curran said the cannot tell the level of the production of the Fayetteville plant but the company will continue to focus on supplying and manufacturing tyres that are of high quality and the greatest demand of the consumers.



It can be reminisced that the plant has been temporarily closed for a week because of the slow economic growth. (RJA)