Goodyear’s AMT system for self-inflating tyre

US-based Goodyear Tire & Rubber has introduced its Air Maintenance Technology (AMT) for tyres , which will maintain their constant pressure even without using external pumps, electronics or driver intervention.

AMT can improve fuel economy , citing Goodyear’s own estimate that for every 10 psi lost in tyre inflation equals 1% loss in miles per gallon; prolong tread life and optimise performance, the company says, adding that it can ensure safety not only among truck operators but also future RV owners in the event of tyre blowouts along with brake system failures.

The technology is seen to cut vehicle maintenance costs significantly, considering that tyre-related costs are greater, citing a published report saying that “Tyre-related costs are the single largest maintenance item for commercial vehicle fleet operators with more than 50% of all truck and trailer breakdowns involving a tyre.”

It can have a huge following especially in the trucking industry if priced competitively, observers say of AMT, adding that commercial truck AMT system is currently being designed for install when trucks are slated for tyre retreading rather than being provided as an OEM install and this becomes a downside for RV owners.

Whilst promising, AMT is still a work in progress. Serving different tyres for different purposes is a challenge for developing the AMT system. For one, commercial trucks have larger tyres and thereby inflation pressures are higher and bear heavier loads and covering longer distances as compared to consumer vehicles. “The progress we continue to make with this technology is very encouraging. We look forward to further testing of this concept,” says Goodyear’s Chief Technical Officer, Jean-Claude Kihn.(RJA)