Alliance Rubber Company announces latest version of Gear and Cable Wrapz

wrapzALLIANCE Rubber Company announced it released new version of their Gear and Cable Wrapz products.

Alliance’s Wrapz and Strapz products are designed for fastening up ropes, cords, hoses, or tarps. The company offers flexible options for customers’ bundling and tie down needs. These products are made from Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM).

All these weather products with UV and ozone resistance have the added benefit of being latex-free, non-conductive and non-metallic.

“We work hard to improve our products. No other bundling tool works as well or in as many ways as our Wrapz and Strapz,” said Bonnie Swayze, president and CEO of Alliance, in a statement.

“Users want a re-usable tool to bundle, organize and label their indoor and outdoor equipment, and retailers and distributors are looking for new profit opportunities in this very competitive and cost-sensitive business. Alliance’s products meet both these needs,” Swayze added.

Alliance’s products offer incredibly flexible solutions. Cables of multiple sizes can be bundled and secured, with the ability to be easily released.

Cable Wrapz, Gear Wrapz, and Gear Strapz are available at local retailers; including Storables, Academy Sports, and Container Store.

Alliance Rubber Company has grown to become a global leader with over 2,100 skus of mailing, shipping, office and packaging products.

In September 2010, Alliance Rubber Company introduced the perfect, re-usable tool to bundle, organize and label cords, cables and ropes needed for instruments, mics, amps, and lighting cables.

Source: India infoline