Yokohama develops concept tyre for Maruti Suzuki India’s green EV

Japanese Yokohama Rubber (Yokohama) has recently developed a concept tyre for Maruti Suzuki India’s urban Concept Futuro-E electric vehicle (EV).

Incorporating Yokohama’s fuel-efficient BluEarth brand, the concept tyre features a powerful and stylish design – it combines the large lug grooves typical of powerful SUVs with rib grooves associated with smooth-running vehicles. The company claims this creates an automobile design suitable for a new generation of urban SUVs that will appeal to India’s younger consumers.

The new tyre will be displayed together with the Concept Futuro-E EV at the Maruti Suzuki India booth at Auto India 2020 in New Delhi, which will run until February 12.

Rubber major Yokohama has been supplying domestically-made passenger car and SUV tyres for the replacement market and original equipment manufacturers in India since 2014.