Yokohama BluEarth-GT tyres for new Mazda model

Yokohama Rubber’s (Yokohama) “BluEarth-GT AE51” tyres will be fitted as original equipment (OE) on the new Mazda 3 by fellow Japanese maker Mazda Motor – exclusively the “BluEarth-GT AE51” tyres in 205/60R16 92V size. The new Mazda 3 model, factory-equipped with the tyres, was launched globally in late May 2019, but will not be available in the North American market.

The “BluEarth-GT AE51” tyres serves Yokohama’s “environmentally, human, and socially-friendly” global tyre brand with its base design and materials technology. The superior drive, comfort and environmental performance provided are outstanding.

Yokohama is currently manufacturing tyres employing its leading-edge “BluEarth” tyre technology which will come factory-equipped on the latest-model sedans, SUVs, sports cars, and compact cars.

Meanwhile, the new Mazda 3 has become the main vehicle manufactured at Mazda’s major plants. A driver-focused design smoothly enhances vehicle performance, its every movement—from rolling, turning and stopping—feeling like an extension of the driver.

The Mazda 3 delivers Mazda’s “Joy of Driving” concept to its customers – with over six million cumulative units produced worldwide,the model is the driving force in enhancing Mazda’s brand name and business performance.