Vystar’s latex deproteinised formula gets new European patent

US manufacturer of Vytex natural rubber latex (NRL), Vystar Corporation has been granted European, EP Patent No 2238183 entitled “Natural Rubber Latex Having Reduced Allergenicity and Method of Making Same.” Vystar now holds 13 foreign and 4 US patents related to its latex deproteinisation process for the production of  its brand NRL that is virtually free of allergen-causing latex proteins, thereby reducing risk of developing or experiencing allergic reactions to latex from direct contact.

“This patent extends important intellectual property (IP) protection for Vystar in the production and distribution of Vytex to Europe using the Vytex formula to meet the growing demand for low protein NRL for products including balloons, examination and surgical gloves, condoms, breather bags, latex tubing, probe covers, catheters, threads, foams, cold seal and pressure sensitive adhesives,” stated Steve Rotman, CEO of Vystar.

The Vytex deproteinisation process removes the odour-causing latex proteins, eliminating the strong odour of traditional latex and creating a stronger latex bond that increases its durability, strength, elasticity,and bright white colour. Vystar added that the said process makes it more eco-friendly than its competitors, as there is no need for traditional water rinses or fragrance to address the odour or the addition of dyes or bleaches to improve whiteness. Vytex is sustainably sourced and completely biodegradable, in sharp contrast to petrochemical based memory foam, vinyl and synthetic latex. Meanwhile, the company said that it continues development of new Vytex formulations and is seeking additional manufacturing and development partners for numerous products.