Vipal Fleets: the new tyre management software with Vipal Rubber technology

May 25, 2018

Vipal-ruberVipal Rubber, a leader in Latin America and one of the world’s top tyre retread manufacturers, once again leads the way in technology and innovation. The company has just launched Vipal Fleets, a new platform that enables quick and accurate tyre diagnostics. In fleets, the tool also assists in inventory control, in addition to tyre measurement and management, informing the user about the need to remove the tyres for shipment to the retreader, thus, contributing to the fleets’ reduction in cost per kilometer (CPK), among other benefits.

“Vipal Fleets is yet another tool that integrates Vipal’s service package and its Authorized Customer Network, which offers a great opportunity to generate efficient computer control in both tyre performance and inventory control, in addition to quick, accurate, and complete diagnostics. We consider it an indispensable tool for transportation’s current reality,” says Leandro Rigon, Director of International Business at Vipal Rubber.

The platform can be accessed from computers, tablets, and smartphones, allowing the retreaders technical teams to perform fast and accurate diagnostics, thereby reducing fleet response time. In cases there is a Wi-Fi network outage or a data limitation, Vipal Fleets also works as an application, which allows you to perform the necessary transactions, including rotations, measurements, and data collection, which later, when connected to the Internet, are updated automatically in the cloud. The innovation is also designed to serve fleets that use RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chips to identify their tyres. In this case, the process will be even faster and more accurate, allowing a high inventory control.

Among the information available in the Vipal Fleets management system are: support for tyre inventory, cost control, yield control, delivery and evidence recording in cases of casing disposal with the retreader, as well as photo registration of a tyre’s end of useful life, ensuring a follow-up from its first use until it becomes unusable.

With the Quick Diagnostic module, for example, technicians have at their disposal a measuring tool capable of performing a complete tyre analysis without the need for a prior system registration. The agile diagnosis makes it possible to avoid and predict the premature loss of tyres, reinforcing the importance of cost per kilometer (CPK). The real-time analysis provides a comprehensive, multi-indicator report that enables you to make decisions based on one or more tyre conditions.

Vipal around the world

 Vipal is responsible for supplying about 90 countries, with its main markets in Europe, Latin America, and the United States. To meet the specific needs of each location, which range from technical requirements to cultural, geographic and legal differences, the company invests in the development of specific products to improve performance in different regions. Moreover, it has authorized retreaders, permanent regional teams, and its own distribution centers at strategic locations on four continents to provide support to international customers.

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