Vipal ECO rubber treads achieves 18.7% fuel savings during test in Brazil

Vipal-ECOA test conducted in Sao Paulo, Brazil attested to the quality of Vipal Rubber’s DV-UM3B ECO tread as it achieved 18.7% saving in fuel against the standard design performance.

Vipal’s rubber treads were equipped in ViaçãoVaz, a carrier from Santo André (SP), in association with NSA Pneutec, Vipal Authorized Dealer Network retreading company from Sao Paulo.

The analysis, conducted during two days, was mediated by Josemar Putti, Vipal Rubber Business Consultant, Brasilio OriasVaz, ViaçãoVaz Supply Manager, and MPF Controle de Pneus, the company supervising the tests.

“The results were amazing. After the tests, we attested a 18.69% saving in fuel consumption by using ECO treads” says Vaz. “Using Vipal treads in the company’s vehicles will help us a great deal to achieve savings in our processes,” he says.

The tested tread is powered by Vipal ECO line’s exclusive innovations and technology. By using special rubber compounds and treads settings, the ECO treads ensure fuel savings for the carrier and the fleet, attested both in Brazil and abroad.

DV-UM3B ECO was specifically designed for radial tyres on drive or trailer axles. Ideal for urban area applications, it provides great drive and low resistance to the tyre rolling. It is designed to minimise rocks embedded in the tread and other undesirable objects, delivering a higher damage protection to the casing. Also, it is designed to provide better mileage and stability when in contact with the ground, additionally to controlling the temperature, which tends to remain stable, which increases the tyre’s life.

ViaçãoVaz, a company founded in 2002 in the city of Santo André, is part of the União Santo André Consortium. The carrier’s main goal is to add value and toughness to their services following the key principle of investing on the in-house staff.