US tyre shipments to increase in 2013, says RMA

tiresTYRE shipments in the US remained flat in 2012 at 284 million total units due to the 10% rise in Original Equipment (OE) shipments that offset a nearly 2% drop in replacement shipments, the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), reported.

The flat growth posted last year was attributed to the uncertain consumer behaviour and economic climate in the replacement market.

But growth is projected to happen this year, according to RMA.

Earlier, RMA forecast that tyre shipments will climb 2% this year due to an increase in vehicle miles travelled and economic growth.

Other macroeconomic factors also figure in the approximately 288 million total tyre shipments in 2013, an increase of approximately 4 million units or nearly 1.5 %.

Light vehicle and commercial truck OE tyre shipments increased by 10% for 2012 along with the increased demand for these segments.

Demand for new vehicle is seen to push tyre shipments growth to as much as 6% this year; Light vehicle sales are also seen to increase to more than 15 million.