UAE uses scrap rubber tyres, organic materials to pave roads

May 15, 2017

scrap-rubberThe United Arab Emirates (UAE) is recycling scrap rubber tyres and using organic materials to pave roads.

Hussain Al Mansuri, acting undersecretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, said they have taken up a number of experimental projects to add to the lifetime of the federal roads and reduce construction costs by over 50%.

“Using recycled materials in paving federal roads is not only a smart environment- friendly technique, but is also in line with the sustainability standards of the country as a whole.”

The asphalt being used in road pavement can further be recycled, he added. “We have actually used organic materials in paving the 42km-long Maleha road in the emirate of Sharjah.”

Official studies show that organic and recycled materials used in road pavement have outstandingly added 15 years to the durability and lifetime of these roads, he explained.

“They have even reduced construction costs by 50% when using the hot technology as compared to 70% when using the cool technology,” Al Mansuri revealed.

The used and waste rubber tyres are on top of the recycled materials used in road pavement, he elaborated. “They are cut and mixed with the already recyclable asphalt boosting the road durability.”
This new technique is being partially implemented this year, he stated. “Specific percentage of broken glass and concrete remains can also be used and mixed with asphalt to reduce costs and add to the road lifetime.”

Sustainability, being environment-friendly, and reducing consumption are strategic objectives of the ministry, Al Mansuri underlined. “The ministry spares no effort digging all possible options to meet these targets in all its projects.”

Mohammed Salem, a safety engineer, said in an interview that rubberised asphalt consists of regular asphalt concrete mixed with crumb rubber made from recycled tyres.

The city of Phoenix, Arizona in the US pioneered the use of rubberised asphalt as pavement material in the 1960s because of the material’s high durability, he said. Since then, rubberised asphalt has garnered more interest for its ability to reduce road noise.

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