Trelleborg expands Bulgarian LSR manufacturing facility

Swedish giant Trelleborg’s Sealing Solutions business has opened its expanded Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) manufacturing facility in the town of Pernik, western Bulgaria. The added production and warehouse space after its 2018 construction will see improved molding and tool design/making as well as enhanced customer service.

Apart from dedicated employees and Trelleborg’s senior management, Vyara Tserovska, Pernik’s Mayor, and Irena Sokolova, Governor of the Pernik region, attended the inauguration ceremony.

The new manufacturing capacity is thought boost capability and is likely to grow the business at a significant pace, according to Alexander Kolev, General Manager of the Pernik facility.

Similarly, Kristian Brok, President of Global Operations Elastomers, said the expansion of the facility enables future sales growth of Trelleborg’s LSR products for industrial and automotive applications.

The original facility in Pernik started up in 2010 and the expansion points to closer collaboration with the Swiss centre of excellence for LSR in Stein-am-Rhein. Under the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions umbrella, the facility’s advanced LSR solutions include applications in automotive, pharmaceutical and sanitary equipment, and even household electrical appliances and infant care.