Toyoda Gosei to partner with EBM Corporation to develop e-rubber surgical training simulators

November 13, 2017

e-rubber-surgical-training-simulatorsSpecialty manufacturer of rubber Toyoda Gosei Co. Ltd has inked an agreement with EBM Corporation, a medical device startup company started at Waseda University in Japan, to work together for the development and widespread adoption of surgical training simulators using e-Rubber which Toyoda is currently developing.

As surgeries become more advanced, ensuring safety is becoming increasingly important. Surgical training simulators that accurately reproduce the feel and movement of human organs are needed to improve surgical skills, especially for young doctors. Toyoda Gosei decided to work with EBM in order to achieve more life-like simulators by combining Toyoda Gosei’s e-Rubber technology, which takes advantage of the company’s expertise in polymers, and EBM’s accumulated achievements in developing surgical training simulators.

Toyoda Gosei will work with EBM in all areas, including product development and marketing, to explore the possibilities of e-Rubber for various purposes and contribute to the advancement of medical technology.


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