Three of Pirelli’s tyres chosen for the brand-new Aston Martin DBX

British manufacturer Aston Martin will exclusively use Pirelli’s tyres in its new DBX model: the P Zero developed to offer optimum performance and handling, the Scorpion Zero AS for off-road driving, and the Scorpion Winter for safe and dynamic performance in winter conditions.

According to the Italian makers, the P Zero compound for the new Aston Martin DBX, derived from tyres used for GT cars, maximises the V8 turbo engine power while providing maximum grip on track. The zero-degree belt in the structure of this tyre uses a new hybrid material that offers better steering capabilities, brings the overall weight of the tyre down and reduces rolling resistance and fuel consumption.

Meanwhile, the versatile Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS, designed for off-road use, has a redesigned tread pattern to maximise its off-road capabilities, with more rigid blocks towards the outside of the contact patch that provide enhanced grip in tricky conditions.

Lastly, Pirelli’s specialised winter tyre for SUVs, the Scorpion Winter, has been optimised for winter temperatures of minus 30 degrees centigrade to guarantee maximum efficiency – Pirelli has modified the materials of the tyre to provide the best possible steering feel even in extreme conditions.

The tyres underwent extensive laboratory and outdoor testing in different conditions, including at Pirelli’s test track in Italy and its winter test facility in Sweden, before final validation at Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany. For Pirelli, the arrival of the new DBX means that the Italian firm now equips 50% of all new iconic Aston Martin models such as the DBS Superleggera and the all-new Vantage.