This smart technology by Continental monitors the pressure of tyres

manufacturer-ContinentalTyre manufacturer Continental has introduced a new technology called ContiConnect. ContiConnect monitors the tyre pressure of commercial fleets and signal if tyre pressure deviates from the defined value.

“ContiConnect is the starting point for Continental to become a profound partner for tyre-related data services,” said Michael Neuheisel, Head of Digital Solutions Commercial Vehicle Tires. “With this digital tyre monitoring platform we take a huge step forward in our evolution from a premium tyre manufacturer to a solutions provider. We enrich our long-term experience in the tyre industry with data created by sensors, starting with our truck, bus and specialty tyres.”

ContiConnect consists of different components that can be combined in multiple ways. Tyre sensors are mounted on the inner liner of a tyre, yard reader station receives tyre data as the vehicle passes by the receiver in the yard and sends the data to the backend where it is analyzed and interpreted, while the yard reader station is installed at frequent touch points, such as a fuelling station.

The web portal is the interface where fleet managers can proactively monitor and track the tyre condition and performance of all vehicles within their fleet. The browser-based portal offers various display options and can be accessed from any type of device. It shows the history of the tyre data and enables retrospective analyses. The web portal allows a remote monitoring of the entire fleet´s tyre performance and puts control into the hands of the fleet managers. Furthermore, notifications via e-mail or SMS suggest corrective measures where necessary.