Thailand to export 240,000 rubber pillows to China annually

January 4, 2018

rubber-pillowsThailand is expected to export 240, 000 of its rubber pillows to China annually.

Thailand’s rubber pillows are made by rubber planters under the Network of Rubber Planters Institutes of Thailand, said Suphat Eawchai, the official attached to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

The Network of Rubber Planters Institutes of Thailand has recently signed an agreement with China’s Sichuan Kennan Trading Co. to supply rubber pillows to China, Suphat said.

Sichuan Kennan Trading Co. has already placed orders for 20,000 rubber pillows monthly or about 240,000 rubber pillows on a yearly basis, he said.

The Thai government has also instructed relevant institutions to promote the use of rubber in bid to boost its lowered prices, such as using rubber as the coating of asphalt roads throughout the country.

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Rubber Prices
(Last Updated: 17 Dec 2018)

Monthly The prices shown above do not include VAT @4% on purchase and expenses towards packing, transportation, warehousing  and other incidentals

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