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Medical devices market in good shape with silicones

June 26, 2017
Medical devices market in good shape with silicones

Evolving from silicon, one of the earth’s most common elements, silicones are recognised for their versatile medical application potentials...

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Momentive to go public

June 8, 2011

Silicones and speciality chemicals producer Momentive Performance Materials is planning to launch an IPO. The company’s sales last year were US$2.6 billion and it had a growth of 24%. Momentive is the former GE Silicones operations. (PRA)

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World Rubber Summit 2018

International Rubber Prices
(as of 19, February 2018)

Monthly The prices shown above do not include VAT @4% on purchase and expenses towards packing, transportation, warehousing  and other incidentals

Source: India Rubber Board


PRA 2018 January/February

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