Sumitomo advances fully-automated driving with CRANTS

Automated driving may be realised sooner than predicted, as Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) has begun a joint research project with Japan’s Gunma University Centre for Research on Adoption of NextGen Transportation Systems (CRANTS) to develop SRI’s tyre-related services and Level 4 fully-automated vehicles in the Japanese private sector.SRI seeks to establish an efficient digital tyre technology that contributes to next-generation mobility and a non-accident society with the output from the joint research.

Borne of its tyre technology thus far, the Intelligent tyre sensors are able to observe air pressure and temperature of rolling tyres and reacts for tyre maintenance in moments of trouble. In an abnormal condition, the sensor will provide relevant information for action-judgement to the CRANTS system, which has an automated driving control centre. The “Smart Tyre Concept” for “higher environmental performance” and safe tyre services will hopefully provide for Level 4 vehicles in Japan and pave the way to a fully-automated driving society.

CRANTS was established as an industry-academia-government innovation in Japan for research into social implementation and development of highly-skilled human resource, for next-generation mobility systems.After establishment, CRANTS commenced a public road demonstration experiment with automated vehicles at nearby Kiryuu City to realise its capabilities.