Sinochem sets up rubber antioxidant plant in Thailand

Sinochem International Corporation, a China-based  international fine chemical company listed in Shanghai Stock market, has begun construction of its polymer additives plant in Rojana Industrial Park in Thailand – which is the company’s first overseas polymer additives production base. Opening of the plant will further consolidate Sinochem’s global leading position in the polymer additive industry, it says.

The new plant covers an area of about 64,000 sq m, with a total investment of about RMB290 million, and is expected to be put into operation later this year. Upon completion, it will have a production capacity of 25,000 tonnes/year of rubber antioxidant, which will fill the gap in the production of rubber antioxidant in Southeast Asian countries and provide local supplies to the company’s downstream clients in the region.

“The construction of Sinochem’s Thailand base is a milestone in the company’s expansion into the international fine chemical industry,” said Su Fu, Deputy General Manager of the company and CEO of Sennics. “It will help to improve the stability of the Company’s global supplies, and at the same time, create more job opportunities to support the local economy.”

The polymer additive business is one of the six major business sectors of Sinochem International, and is operated by its subsidiary Sennics. The sales value of polymer additives accounted for 18% of the new product sales value of the company in 2019. 

Sinochem aims to build the Thailand plant into a new generation smart factory that serves as a model facility in Southeast Asia. With the company’s experience in green production and green technology, the new plant will be eco-friendly, energy-saving and sustainable. It will also fulfil high standards of product quality, resource utilization, emissions of wastes, and process safety.