Russia offers to trade fighter jets for Indonesia’s rubber

May 19, 2017

fighter-jetsRussia has offered to trade its Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets for Indonesia’s natural rubber.

Indonesia’s Trade Ministry foreign trade director general Oke Nurwan was quoted as saying that Russia is interested in the country’s crumb rubber. However, the Indonesia government has not yet decided on the offer but if it agrees, then ministerial regulations will have to be drafted as legal basis for the agreement.

The proposed barter trade is valued at US$600 million.

The Indonesian Rubber Company Association (Gapkindo) has responded positively to the proposed trade in the hopes that it will expand the Indonesian rubber market and increase the price of Indonesian rubber.

Gapkindo’s advisory council member AsriSutan Amir said rubber prices declined to Rp 6,000 (45 US cents) per kg in the first quarter of 2017, from Rp 10,000 earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Lukman Zakaria, of the Indonesian Rubber Farmers Association (Apkarindo), said the decline in price had occurred since March due to declining demand in the global market as a result of new contracts being signed in previous months.“Because of the rampant number of contracts signed during the early months of this year, warehouses have now been filled with rubber stocks,” he added.

For the past two years, Russian officials have repeatedly announced the offer for up to ten Su-35. However, so far little has been progressed as Indonesia is dragging its feet over the aircraft deal and is still considering alternatives to Russian military hardware.

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