Rose Mill acquires rubber additives processor

rubberRose Mill Company, a US-based processor of industrial chemicals and minerals, has acquired another US firm, rubber pre-weigh additives processor PPS/Chempac of Lebanon, TN. The acquisition provides for the continued production of pre-weigh additives as well as an expansion of capabilities for each business.

“This acquisition is great for both companies,” said Coley Karr, General Manager of PPS/Chempac. “Rose Mill is an ISO certified company with a global reach, and PPS/Chempac’s customers will benefit from the expanded range of processing capabilities.”

Rose Mill Company, a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors, is a global leader in the supply and processing of borates and borate-based products. Additionally, Rose Mill offers toll processing services including pulverising, screening, mixing, bagging, filling and labelling of dry granular and powdered minerals and chemicals. PPS/Chempac has been offering pre-weigh services, such as numbered and lot-traceable low melting batch inclusion bags, to tyre manufacturers since 2003.

The acquisition of PPS/Chempac is the latest in a string of additions and investments by Rose Mill as part of its growth initiative. Recently completed growth objectives include the addition of a semi-automatic filling and labelling line as well as the addition of a third chemical/mineral bagging line. The PPS/Chempac acquisition includes all assets and intellectual property from their Tennessee facility.

“PPS/Chempac’s management will remain to ensure a smooth transition” notes Karr, adding “customers of both companies will continue to receive products and services without interruption”.