REDISA extends deadline of waste tyre plan

THE implementation of the Integrated Industry Waste Tyre Management Plan by the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (REDISA) is to be extended. This news comes after it was announced that the waste tyre collection initiative will see a levy applied to all tyres manufactured and imported into South Africa.

The latest news is in order for the government to re-gazette the plan. This also allows REDISA to make provision for the inclusion of additional parties; to accept further public comment, in line with regulations; and accommodate the huge demand for its services.

“Given that 681 interested entrepreneurs and small businesses, have already registered and shown their support for the REDISA plan, this extension affords REDISA the opportunity to address the overwhelming interest the announcement of the plan has provoked. While this delay is very disappointing, REDISA will use the time to refine delivery of the plan so that the waste tyre problem in South Africa is on the road to recovery,” REDISA said in a statement.

REDISA’s CEO, Hermann Erdmann, had earlier been quoted as having said that a financial levy of Rand 2.3 per kg of manufactured or imported product, will apply to all tyres, including those fitted to imported equipment, from the beginning of February this year.

REDISA stated, “Erdmann, with the full backing of REDISA, its supporters and associates, repudiates these defamatory remarks. They have no foundation and they are untrue,” it stated.

Erdmann had also been quoted as saying there are an estimated 60 million scrap tyres across South Africa but no organised or sustainable infrastructure to collect and dispose of them. REDISA’s plan aims to create up to 10,000 new jobs in the collection and processing of scrap tyres, which will be funded by the producer levy. Most of these will be in small one and two person businesses and among entrepreneurs, where a national network of collection depots and recyclers will be established.

REDISA clarified that its sole aim is to create a sustainable solution to the real waste tyre problem by including the informal sector, which, until now, has been marginalised.

REDISA will be exhibiting at Tyrexpo Africa 2012 that takes place between 6-8 March at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg (SCC), South Africa. For more information on REDISA visit and for exhibition details go to (PRA)