Rubber Chemicals: Circular approach to redeeming the value of tyres

The tyre industry is reducing the environmental impact of tyres with a circular approach to managing waste tyres and enhancing ...

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Recycling: China’s green moves drive up tyre recycling

China is beating the odds from rising scrap tyres and air-polluting recycling methods with advanced technologies, more recycling plants, and ...

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Bringing in-house eco-friendly rubber to the industry

The environmental and economic needs to increase recycling rates are the principal driving forces behind technological innovations in the 21st ...

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Tyres: Reinventing the wheel with renewable technologies

Tyre companies are applying the brakes on traditional rubber tyres with innovative materials and connected technologies.

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Rubber Market Analyses: Post-pandemic recovery for the Asian rubber market

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered declines in rubber prices and overall gloomy sentiments in the rubber sector. While recouping of ...

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Materials News: Rubber sector undergoing stress, amidst Covid-19 spread

Against the back of a global health crisis and an emerging global economic crisis, companies and industries all around the ...

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Yokohama plans OTR tyre plant in India

Continued rise in demand for off-road tyre (OTR) products has spurred the Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. (Yokohama) to build another tyre manufacturing plant, this time in Visakhapatnam, southeast Andhra Pradesh, India. Construction on the US$165 million manufacturing plant is set…