Nordic companies add Marangoni retreads to their productions

September 30, 2018

treadItalian company Marangoni is expanding its operation in the Nordic Countries, in an effort to further strengthening the relationships with two of the major retreaders in the region: Lujakumi Oy and Gummiservice Rade AS.

Lujakumi Oy is a growing tyre retreader whose headquarters and production plant based in Finalnd’s west coast. The company was founded in 1954 and was originally offering a hot cure retread process. They switched to precure process in 1968 and, since 2017, they’ve been using Marangoni’s technology.

Gummiservice was established in southern Norway in 1967 but began TBR tyres retreading operations in 1986, eventually becoming a major player in the region, specialising in the precure process. In 2015, the company integrated Marangoni’s Ringtread in their product range. The company was recently acquired by Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland after the owner decided to sell the company.

Based on a recent distribution agreement relating to Marangoni and OTR retreads, the two firms are now starting to sell in their area of operation earthmoving and industrial handling retreads manufactured in Rovereto, Italy.

The two companies add a new specialised product range to their commercial offer, with the supply of Marangoni’s productions. Marangoni’s OTR retreads represent the synthesis of more than 50 years in the field. The range of earthmoving retreaded tyres offers the most appropriate profile for each specific application, in addition to using four types of Marangoni tread compounds, which cater for differing environments and workloads.

Both companies are focused on implementing tyre solutions based on premium retreading, using quality casings from the most reliable new tyre brands to produce TBR retreads with exceptional performance and reliability. A major sector of their business is selling directly to transportation fleets. Lujakumi Oy are members of the Point S network and operate three tyre shops located in the region. In addition, Gummiservice owns four outlets based in all big Norwegian cities.




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